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Year 4: Data @ Work

Our work continues to evolve and now falls into three main program areas. We’ve restructured our goals and workplan to reflect a core goal for each program. In Year 4, we will increase our effort in Data Use to bring it up to par with our other programs. Our updated program areas and supporting goals are:

Program Goal
Data Services and Infrastructure Make timely data easily available
Data Governance Establish efficient and effective data governance
Data Use Increase use of data in decision-making

Year 3 Accomplishments

The last year was a big year for DataSF. We put together a Year in Review document, and below are the highlights.

Data Services and Infrastructure

  • Launched a New Publishing Portal
  • Reconciled our web properties to appear as a single site
  • Republished data to be easier to access and use, bumping our % natively hosted to nearly 90%
  • First open data program to launch a comprehensive data dictionary as an API
  • More than 50% of inventoried datasets are now published
  • Demonstrated power of open integrated building data with SF Building Explorer

Data Governance

Data Use

Communications and Engagement

Read the this year’s plan and the year in review. You can read all of our previous strategic plans as well. Many thanks to our partners, colleagues and a fantastic team!