Come empower the use of data

We're seeking empathetic data and analytics translators

DataSF believes in the responsible, ethical use of data to improve decision-making and service delivery. We are a small team with an ambitious agenda: to empower the use of data in decision making and service delivery across San Francisco. This work requires empathy and deep curiosity.

As a team member you will stretch and challenge yourself. DataSF’s citywide purview empowers you to tackle data problems that touch all aspects of city life: housing, transportation, justice, health, the built environment, and many more. You will have unparalleled ability to help shape our approach to data use in each of these areas.

Within the next couple of months we will be hiring for 2 new roles, an Analytics Engineer and a Data Program Manager, to accelerate our analytical and data platform services.

There are no open positions at the moment, but fill out the interest form below and we will let you know when new positions open. The form is not an application for employment.

To learn more about our various programs and approach please visit our blog and showcase.

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