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Unlocking Analytical Capacity with Power BI

By Blake Valenta

Learn how 3 departments unlocked analytical capacity with PowerBI.

Reinforcing Data's Value: A Policy Approach

By Jason Lally

On January 17, 2019, the Data Management Policy was passed unanimously by the Committee on Information Technology (COIT), San Francisco’s IT governance body. The policy was crafted with departments to define and make clearer what it means to manage data as a strategic asset.

Building Integrated People Systems

By Jason Lally

I recently had the privilege to contribute to the MetroLab report Technology for Civic Data Integration with my peers (see who below). In it are 7 considerations to take into account when planning for an integrated data system....

Natural ecosystems to city ecosystems

By Tania Jogesh

DataSF's new data scientist talks about her journey from ecology to the City

New police department incident report data now live!

By Jason Lally

On September 9, we launched the updated police incident report dataset. This has been a long standing goal since I started with DataSF 4 years ago.