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Come join DataSF and help the City’s data response to COVID-19

Since March, the City has been rapidly responding to COVID-19. DataSF played and continues to play an essential role in helping the City quickly bring together crucial COVID related data for internal operational and external transparency and communications needs. We are incredibly proud of the results so far with many internal operational dashboards and the public reporting work spearheaded by DataSF, the Controller's Office City Performance Unit, and the Department of Public Health.

And we want you to join the response.

We need you for the COVID response and beyond!

As an Analytics Engineer , you will join this vital effort to help construct data pipelines to ensure the right data is in the hands of the right decision-makers at the right time. You will leverage our internal infrastructure (Snowflake, DBT, Safe FME, and the Socrata data platform) to help DataSF grow and refine the data architecture supporting the COVID response.

But this position will be involved in more data domains than the COVID response. You will bring your talents and skills to bear on such crucial issues such as housing, criminal justice reform, clean streets, and the built environment. Like the COVID response, each of these domains requires data from different sources to be brought together, standardized, and made meaningful for operational and strategic analysis.

Technical skills, empathy, and your own life experience needed for this job

DataSF knows that this type of work is most successfully tackled not solely based on engineering skills (though they are important), but people skills as well. You will lean as much on your empathy as your coding skills. You are not merely handed a spec but are involved in the interactive and agile client engagement process to bring meaning, analytics, and empathy to the real challenges facing our City.

You will also need to be able to think beyond the walls of City Hall to understand and hold in mind the diverse array of experiences embodied in the San Francisco residents you serve. DataSF does not allow its data work to exist in a vacuum. We continuously apply an ethical lens to data use to protect the most vulnerable. Your own life experience is a critical contribution to this effort. DataSF is committed to building a team whose diversity reflects the residents we serve.

You won't be doing this alone. At DataSF, you will be supported by a collaborative team that loves forging new ground to create processes and structures in cross-cutting data domains where none may exist. We find this keeps the work both exciting and unique (always a new problem with new data!) but sustainable (we stay sane and healthy by developing programs and processes to help manage it all, which cities across the world have leveraged in their own programs).

Please review (and share!) the full job description. We look forward to your application.