Coordinator's Portal

Resources for San Francisco's Data Coordinators


This portal is designed to help you, as a City Data Coordinator, orient to your role and make sure you have the resources you need to execute on your responsibilities.

The data coordinator is responsible for:

  • Developing a catalog of datasets that can be made public
  • Monitoring and responding to comments on public datasets
  • Monitoring and tracking the rollout of public datasets on the open data portal
  • Ensuring that processes are followed to exclude private, confidential or proprietary data

In addition to the responsibilities, data coordinators will be supported in the work through:

  • Training and workshop opportunities to develop professionally around data management and best practices
  • Tools for tracking and monitoring the publishing of datasets by your department
  • Access to a network of your peer data coordinators at other departments
  • Services for helping to manage the automation of publishing datasets as needed

Due dates and milestones

Next Up

Due August 19th, 2016

Submit publishing plans for review. Learn how to submit a publishing plan for review in the Data Coordinator's guidebook.

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Selected Resources

Below are resources most relevant for data coordinators. You can view all DataSF resources by clicking here.

One Page Summary of DataSF Program

1 page flyer describing the Open Data Program. Use it to explain DataSF to your City colleagues.

One Page Summary of Data Inventory Process

1 page flyer explaining the 3 step data inventory process.

Data Coordinator Guidebook

Guidebook for City and County of San Francisco data coordinators.

Data Coordinator Detailed Inventory Guide: Steps 2 and 3

Provides data coordinators with detailed guidance on steps 2 and 3 of the data inventory.

Data Inventory Example

Example of a completed dataset inventory from the Airport.

Data Inventory Template

Excel template for completing the dataset inventory. Note: You must enable macros for the template to work.

Data Coordinator Inventory Tools Webinar

This webinar covers the tools available for San Francisco Data Coordinators to complete the dataset inventory.

One Page Summary of Personal Data Requests

1 page flyer explaining the personal data request process.

Open Data Release Toolkit Form

Form included in the Open Data Release Toolkit

Open Data Release Toolkit

Toolkit for City and County of San Francisco department management and Data Coordinators to release sensitive or protected datasets on the open data portal.

Personal Data Request Guidebook

Guide for City and County of San Francisco departments and agencies to implement a process to provide individuals with their own personal data upon request.