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Year 3 is in Session

Check out our latest strategic plan!
Check out our latest strategic plan!

We quietly posted our annual plan update last month. A few updates on Year 2 and some teasers on what’s coming.

Our favorite things from Year 2

And so much more…read Year 2 in Review in our new plan.

Focus in Year 3

In Year 3, we are maintaining and improving our open data work but deepening and expanding work in several additional areas:

  • Internal data sharing for coordinated care
  • Data infrastructure and services
  • Data governance and management (we added a new goal for this)
  • Putting our data to work with analytics and special projects

Some fun things underway this quarter (Jul - Sep)

  • Re-imagining the open data portal experience
  • Relaunching geo data to be easier to use
  • A framework for open data and privacy
  • Faster, easier, better data publishing
  • Metadata platform
  • Data quality tools and resources
  • Unifying our web properties

Read the whole plan or check out our 1 page strategy map. The appendix links to some documents that go into detail about our thinking on data governance, quality, and integrationgeo data services; and our technology and services architecture.

Many thanks to a great team and all the partners we had a chance to work with this last year!