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The Data Shakers and Innovators Return

On March 2nd nearly 100 city employees packed a room in City Hall for the second annual Data and Innovation Awards, organized by DataSF and the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation. Each year a team of judges from the non-profit, for profit, foundation, and government sector come together and choose projects that exemplify excellent use of data and innovative thinking. This year we are proud to announce the 6 winning projects from 49 city employees across 11 departments.

Award Categories

If you love your data set it free!

Made innovative use of open data

For the category ‘If you love your data set it free!’ the award went to San Francisco Arts Commission for their work to open the public art collection.  Public art, once cloistered away in a database, is now free, open and browseable on the web thanks to the SF Art Commission.


  • Allison Cummings
  • Jennifer Doyle Crane
  • Kate Patterson
  • Anne Trickey

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Produced a beautiful and effective data design or visualization

For the category ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!’ the award went to the Planning Department, Department of Environment, and Public Utilities Commission for their work around Sustainable Chinatown. These three departments collaborated to create a visually appealing and engaging data clearinghouse for the Chinatown community. See their final report and dashboard.


  • Gary Chen
  • Lisa Chen
  • Richard Chien
  • Maria De Alva
  • Imma Dela Cruz
  • Susan Exline
  • Paolo Ikezoe
  • Fan Lau
  • Teresa Ojeda
  • Jon Swae
  • Michael Webster

Data Crunch & Munch

Took data munching and crunching to the next level

For the category ‘Data Crunch & Munch’ the award went to the Department of Public Health for their work around the DRIVE initiative.  They went the extra mile to make sure their charts and data insights were meaningful via innovative workshop sessions designed to engage clinicians on their terms.


  • Harold R. Baize
  • Ken Epstein
  • Farahnaz K. Farahmand
  • Ritchie J. Rubio
  • Shamsi Soltani

Mission Impossible

Got creative and innovative with a difficult problem

For the category ‘Mission Impossible’ the award went to the Health Service System and the Controller’s Officer.  These two departments accomplished the impossible to save the city millions while maintaining quality of healthcare for city employees via implementation of a split carrier option.


  • Cecille Badiola
  • Alona Bumanlag
  • Marina Coleridge
  • Yuriy Gologorskiy
  • Mitchell Griggs
  • Jeff Hildebrant
  • Vince McEnerney
  • Norman Ng
  • Patty Rogers
  • Vish Shenoi
  • Boon Teoh

Users First

This project made use of Human Centered Design

For the category ‘Users First’ the award went to SF Environment for their website  They created a multilingual, user friendly one-stop-shop for understanding changes to the the SF recycling program.


  • Freddy Coronado
  • Cara Gurney
  • Zoey Kroll
  • Mark Nicholas
  • Donnie Oliveira
  • Sarah Peters

Bridge Builder

Involved successful collaboration with different departments or external groups

For the category ‘Bridge Builder’ the award went to the Human Services Agency, Public Health, Juvenile Probation Department, Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, and the San Francisco Unified School District the for their work on the Shared Youth Database.  A collaboration 16 years in the making, the Shared Youth Database allows for coordinated care for San Francisco youth that need it most.


  • Tom Bleecker
  • Devin Corrigan
  • Ken Epstein
  • Farahnaz Farahmand
  • Paula Hernandez
  • Dan Kelly
  • Bridgette Lery
  • David McCahon
  • Laura Moye
  • Chief Allen Nance
  • Kevin Truitt
  • Cody Xuereb