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Spooky Data

Halloween is almost upon us. If you are in need of costume ideas or spooky places to visit you are in luck, thanks to the  SF Film Commission’s Film Locations dataset. This dataset collects every location in our fair city used to shoot movies, tv shows or documentaries (more than 1,500 locations!).

We combined the films dataset with the wonderful Open Movie Database API, Google Maps API, and some technical wizardry. The result: a curated map of SF filming locations of a selection of Halloween-themed movies.

Want to take your costume game to the next level? Dress up as a hero or monster and recreate scenes from the movie in the actual filmed location! Tweet any results to @DataSF.

Want to be extra scary? Snap a pic at a horror movie location from each of the horror movies shot in SF.

Whatever you decide, make sure to have fun and be safe!