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Welcome to DataSF's new home

We are excited to launch our new website! Going forward will be the home of our official website, while we have re-branded the open data portal as SF Open Data at

From day one, we needed a website, not just an open data portal. Unfortunately, we haven’t had enough bandwidth until this quarter. Now that we have a website, it’s much easier to showcase and direct folks to our other work. We’ll continue to build it out over time (e.g. new DataSF Showcase) but check it out in the meantime to learn about:

  • Data Academy. The program we launched last fall for city employees by city employees on anything from data analysis, design, and management. Demand is insane with every course having a waitlist!
  • Coordinator (and soon to be Publisher) portal. One stop shopping for our publishers and coordinators to support their open data work.
  • Resources. All documents / resources that we are creating in the course of our work. We hope that documenting our work can help shorten the effort for others.
  • Coming soon:
    • ETL toolkit. Our version of Chicago’s awesome ETL toolkit.
    • Stat Starter Kit. A series of case studies and tools for departments to use to kickstart performance stat programs.
    • Civic Starter Kit. A quick how to on how to get involved and contribute to the civic work in the City.
    • Publishing Plans. Open data publishing targets and plans for departments.

Also, read about the terrific, lightweight framework we used to build it.