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D3 Days

Last Friday, DataSF sponsored the inaugural D3 Days, the first of what will be a quarterly event for City analysts and employees.

D3 stands for:

  • Data - We love it
  • Drinks - DataSF brings ‘em
  • Demos - City Analysts give ‘em

D3 Days are a way for City analysts and employees who love data to present and discuss current or recently completed data projects. So much great data work occurs each day across the city, we thought it was a shame that there was no communal forum to share ideas, successes and frustrations with compatriots in the data trenches.

For the inaugural kick off event, we had the past recipients of the Data & Innovation awards make a presentation. Going forward we are looking for other city analysts or data entrepreneurs who are eager to talk about their current projects in a fun, relaxed setting. If you are a current City or County of San Francisco employee and interested in presenting (or know someone who should) drop us a line.

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