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By Joy Bonaguro

We are excited to announce the release of a slew of new datasets for Bayes Hack 2016! In this post, we've highlighted a number of datasets in the spirit of one of the event's themes "How can data help communities thrive?"

How to Measure Open Data

By Joy Bonaguro

One of the most frequent questions I get about open data is - why? Most folks understand the need for transparency and openness in government, but some question the need to invest the effort in a comprehensive open data effort.

Meet Casey, the User that Open Data Forgot

By Joy Bonaguro

Casey works her tail off. Open Data could help her, but the portals are failing this user. My advice to the open data movement: solve City reporting challenges with open data and watch the data floodgates open.

SF Open Data Quarterly Roundup

By Jason Lally

A lot of love goes into publishing datasets to the open data portal. Explore more recently published data and show some appreciation to the publishing departments in our first quarterly open data roundup.

Announcing our Year 2 Strategic Plan!

By Joy Bonaguro

We are so excited to launch our strategic plan for Year 2 - Data in San Francisco: Meeting supply, spurring demand!