Show me the data (dictionary)!

By Jason Lally, Janine Heiser

For San Francisco’s open data, finding that documentation can be, ahem, inconsistent, and it’s high time we address that for everyone’s sanity! We are beginning a project to make the collection, maintenance and dissemination of data documentation consistent for data publishers, DataSF staff and data users.

4 Steps to Manage Privacy and De-Identification for your Open Data Program

By Erica Finkle

Today we are excited to launch the Open Data Release Toolkit to help you manage the release of sensitive or protected datasets on the open data portal.

Year 3 is in Session

By Joy Bonaguro

We quietly posted our annual plan update last month. A few updates on Year 2 and some teasers on what’s coming.

We Want You- Serve as the Digital Services Chief for San Francisco

By Joy Bonaguro

Play a key role in transforming the City's digital services!

Say hello to our brand new systems inventory

By Jason Lally

We are happy to announce that our citywide systems inventory is now live! Check it out.