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Something special happened on the way to adopting drains

By Jason Lally

Hundreds of other volunteers have taken up adopting and caring for City drains through the City’s Adopt a Drain program. The online platform is the result of collaboration among City agencies and civic technology volunteers at Code for San Francisco. It has made visible the roughly 25,000 storm drains and catch basins that the City maintains. It's also done something surprising.

Holiday Data

By Blake Valenta

Warm up this holiday season with some piping hot data.

Data We Are Thankful For

By Blake Valenta

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is a great opportunity to take time to think about what we are thankful for. Here at DataSF we are thankful for many things: open data (of course!), our Data Coordinators...

Show me the data (dictionary)!

By Jason Lally, Janine Heiser

For San Francisco’s open data, finding that documentation can be, ahem, inconsistent, and it’s high time we address that for everyone’s sanity! We are beginning a project to make the collection, maintenance and dissemination of data documentation consistent for data publishers, DataSF staff and data users.

4 Steps to Manage Privacy and De-Identification for your Open Data Program

By Erica Finkle

Today we are excited to launch the Open Data Release Toolkit to help you manage the release of sensitive or protected datasets on the open data portal.