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A new place to land; improving the open data experience

By Jason Lally

We’re happy to announce a new feature on San Francisco’s open data portal! Socrata has improved the user experience around datasets through dataset “Primers.” This feature serves as a landing page for datasets, allowing San Francisco department publishers to better highlight important metadata and related content.

An 'Open' Invitation

By Blake Valenta

Come join us March 4th for a celebration of Open Data

Data Shakers and Innovators

By Blake Valenta

See how City and County employees are creating a data driven SF

Valentines with the Stars

By Blake Valenta

Come discover a data fueled way to celebrate Valentine's day and explore the city you love.

Something special happened on the way to adopting drains

By Jason Lally

Hundreds of other volunteers have taken up adopting and caring for City drains through the City’s Adopt a Drain program. The online platform is the result of collaboration among City agencies and civic technology volunteers at Code for San Francisco. It has made visible the roughly 25,000 storm drains and catch basins that the City maintains. It's also done something surprising.