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DataSF's corner of the web: building lighter and faster

By Jason Lally

When Joy first started as Chief Data Officer, DataSF, the program, was represented only by the open data portal, the product. Early on, she recognized that part of maturing the open data program meant giving DataSF a true home on the web.

Announcing our Graduate Student Summer Internship Opportunity

By Joy Bonaguro

We are happy to announce that we are looking for a great intern to help us with the open data program!

Data License Liberation Day

By Joy Bonaguro

It’s official – we have legal sign off on a single licensing strategy for DataSF! Going forward, all data will be released under the friendly, no obligation Public Domain Dedication License (PDDL).

U Heart Metadata

By Joy Bonaguro

Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for feedback on our metadata draft! We really appreciated your comments and thoughts.

The New DataSF!

By Joy Bonaguro

Today we released the new DataSF. You spoke and we listened. Our new design addresses some of the major usability issues on our website...