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Open Data Metrics

One of the most frequent questions we get asked about open data is - why?Most folks understand the need for transparency and openness in government, but some question the need to invest the effort in a comprehensive open data effort.

And to be perfectly fair - very few folks have measured the impact of open data. Since we love being data-driven, we put a bunch of thought into how to measure open data. The documents below guide our approach and you can read our blog post “How to Measure Open Data” for an overview.


DataSF: Evaluation and Performance Plan for Open Data

This document describes our evaluation and performance plan for DataSF’s open data program.

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OpenDataSF Logic Model

A diagram that shows how our activities lead to our desired outcomes.


Research Review: Open Data Evaluation Framework

Before creating our evaluation and performance plan, we surveyed the sector for guidance and frameworks to leverage. This is a summary of that research.