Resource Collection

Standard: Open Data Licensing

How you license open data impacts who can use it and for what. Surprisingly, open data programs may overlook this crucial policy choice.

It can sometimes take a lot of effort to publish open data. A smart licensing strategy can help maximize your return by allowing the broadest set of users to leverage your data.

Below is a set of resources that informed our thinking on how we chose to license all SF open data under the “Public Domain and Dedication License” (PDDL). More on our final choice  in our blog post “Data License Liberation Day”.


Licensing Open Data: Resources and Practices

Research and recommendations by our intern on data licensing for DataSF.


Licenses Inventory

Inventory of available licenses we reviewed and licensing policies across cities and states.


Licensing Open Data: A practical guide

Our favorite resource on data licensing by Naomi Korn and Prof Charles Oppenheim. Funded by UK’s JISC under the Discovery Program.