Resource Collection

Power BI

Power BI is a tool that allows analyst to quickly generate dashboards and reports from a variety of data sources.  Thanks to the Department of Technologies recent acquisition of Power BI premium CCSF analyst have a nearly free way of distributing these reports within CCSF

Power BI’s greatest asset is the ability to automate the often laborious ‘data wrangling’ stage of dashboards and report creation, eliminating the need to reshape, clean, or edit data in excel before visualizing.  Learn more:

  • Brown Bag slidedeck explains the benefits of Power BI versus other tools
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Power BI Brown Bag

A high level overview of Power BI compared to Tableau, Excel, and R.


DataSF's PowerBI Resource Collection

A curated collection of DataSF created guides, vetted learning resources, and helpful external resources. Created to support recent attendees of DataSF's Intro to PowerBI course.

One Pager

DataSF PowerBI Cheatsheet

A 2 page visual cheat sheet to Power BI's Report Editor and Query Editor. Created for Intro to PowerBI course.


DataSF Dashboard Template File

A report template for Power BI that incorporates a date table and helpful links. Created for Intro to PowerBI course.


Power BI Premium Report Optimization Tipsheet

A guide for CCSF employees to optimize their PowerBI data models for use in the Premium capacity