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Managing Personal Data Requests

Chapter 22D “Open Data Policy” of the San Francisco Administrative Code requires that the Chief Data Officer “establish a process for providing citizens with secure access to their private data held by the City.” (S.F. Admin. Code § 22D.2(b)(9).) The guidance below contains recommended processes for City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) departments and agencies to:

  1. Identify what, if any, private data about individuals (referred to herein as “personal data”) they currently hold in an electronic, searchable database; and
  2. Provide individuals with secure access to such data and/or ensure individuals can have secure access to such data in the development of future databases.

The guidance will be periodically revisited and updated to take into account, among other factors, changes to the City’s data policies, processes and systems.

One Pager

One Page Summary of Personal Data Requests

1 page flyer explaining the personal data request process.


Personal Data Request Guidebook

Guide on how government agencies can provide individuals with their own personal data upon their request.