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Getting Started with Stat and Dashboarding

Stat programs are processes that can help departments continuously improve services through the systematic review of operational data. To promote the use of stat programs, we partnered with the Controller’s City Services division to provide a toolkit and services to help jumpstart department stat programs.

A good stat program will use a dashboarding tool to help visualize and explore their data. There are many different tools to use and it can be tricky to parse all the options. The guide below includes an overview of various tools and methods for evaluating them.

You can also check out additional related resources on the Results Based Accountability framework, which can help in determining what the right measures are.


Stat Starter Kit

A variety of departments have expressed interest in starting a Stat program. To help you get started, we created the Stat Starter Kit.


Dashboarding Tools

We designed this DataSF Guide to help you pick the right tool for your dashboarding needs. Dashboarding tools help visualize your data. You can use them for public reporting, internal tracking or a Department Stat program.