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Lean Leaders

About This Course

Lean Leaders is a multi-day Lean Process Improvement training that raises up change agents in City departments through hands-on observation, making rapid innovations, and coaching staff through change. Participants work with their supervisor and leaders in their department to identify a process problem that they will work on throughout the training. Each trainee will leave the training equipped to lead their own improvement projects and make measurable change to a department business process. 

In the first two days, trainees will first learn practical tools to reduce staff frustration and provide better services to the City’s customers then observe a city process in real time, analyzing the process using their newly-acquired Lean process improvement skills. Trainees are expected to return to their departments and begin implementing process improvements between the first set of training days (1&2) and the third training day (one month later). During and after the training, City Performance analysts will coach trainees through choosing the right tools to address their problem and troubleshooting issues that arise along the way. 
This course is offered approximately once a year or by special arrangement with a department, and Lean 101 is not prerequisite for this class. This training is appropriate for front line staff, managers, and executives. 

Note: Potential trainees will have to submit an application and obtain sign-off from department management on their proposed project prior to being accepted to this course. 

What You’ll Learn In This Course

  • Practice getting insight into your work through observation and measurement
  • How to analyze performance
  • Tools to identify obstacles in your work, including process mapping, five whys, fishbone diagrams, spaghetti diagrams, and the impact/effort matrix
  • Tools to eliminate obstacles, including standard work, visual management, error-proofing, and 5S
  • How to translate your analysis into concrete ideas for improvement
  • How to communicate improvement plans to stakeholders and supervisors
  • How to create a plan, execute it and track progress
  • How to manage changes resulting from process improvement

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