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Intro to SQL [OPEN]

About this course

Data analysis and manipulation is often done in Excel. However, with larger and more complex datasets, a relational database (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server/Access) is often a more popular and effective choice. This course introduces attendees to a global database language SQL (Structured Query Language).

SQL, is an international standard language for data manipulation in a relational database and is an important skill for data scientists and analysts. This workshop will introduce you to SQL so you can manipulate your data more elegantly and efficiently.

What you’ll learn in this course

  • Data Table Fundamental
  • Basic syntax of SQL – Your First SQL Query
  • Create a Custom View to Your Data Using the SELECT Statement
  • Filter Data with the WHERE Clause
  • Aggregate data with SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX and the GROUP BY clause
  • How to run SQL queries in Snowflake (CCSF’s cloud based data warehouse solution)
  • Resources to learn more!
  • [if time] Merge Data Elements from Different Tables Using JOINS


This workshop assumes that you are comfortable with data analysis and have manipulated data in Excel.

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Created 6/8/2017

Updated 11/15/2023