Data Academy Course

Intro to Project Management

About this course

This course will cover fundamental concepts in project management and is meant for a beginner audience. It will focus on the use of project management tools for improved day-to-day management of and contribution to City projects. Special focus will be given to the application these concepts to participants’ existing workplace experience. The course will use specific examples drawn from City services and operations. Individuals who would benefit from this course will be primarily analysts who are interested in building their management knowledge base.

What you’ll learn in this course

Subject matter will include the following:

  • Definition of a project
  • The project lifecycle
  • Relationship between portfolios, programs, and projects
  • Project process groups
  • Basics: Charters, Scope, Plan, Schedule, Stakeholders, Team
  • The Trifecta: Scope, Schedule, Budget
  • Chunking, Leads and Lags, Critical Path
  • Agile v. Waterfall
  • PMOs explained
  • Resources for further learning

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants can articulate basic project management concepts such as process groups and documents
  • Participants can explain the relationship between scope, schedule, and budget
  • Participants can develop a project plan
  • Participants can “chunk” a problem that is presented to them
  • Participants understand PMOs and how they function

Created 1/12/2018