Data Science Showcase

Showcasing the work of DataScienceSF, a service of DataSF. DataSF works with departments on applied problem-solving with advanced analytics resulting in a service change.

AB Testing Service and Results to Date

Learn about our AB testing workshop service and about completed experiments across the City!

Eviction Alert System

In 2015, 24 different families living at 2 Emery Lane in San Francisco received eviction notices. Fortunately, the residents were more than just neighbors - they were part of a community. So they were able to organize a protest with the assistance of local community-based organizations.

Greening the City with Better Lighting

When was the last time you decided to upgrade your light bulbs? If you’re like many folks, you wait until a light bulb burns out. In your home or apartment, you might have at most 20-30 bulbs.

Keeping Moms and Babies in Nutrition Program

Have you ever been hangry (so hungry, you find yourself angry)? If you’ve ever experienced hangriness, you know firsthand the importance of food and nutrition for health and well-being. Now imagine if you are a pregnant mother or a newborn: proper nutrition is essential.

Preserving Art for the Future

Have you ever looked at a work of public art and wondered - will that always be here? Will it be around for future generations? The San Francisco Arts Commission] asks the same question because their job is to ensure that the city’s Civic Art Collection is preserved for current and future residents and visitors.

Streamlining Property Tax Appraisals

Imagine if a Ms. Jenkins sells her San Francisco home to a close friend at half the price ($500,000) of what she could have sold on the open market ($1 million). What would be the impact on property taxes?