Resource Collection

Standard: Metadata

Our open data policy requires a metadata standard - that is what information should we include with published data that helps our users understand the data. We went through an extensive process to research and develop the DataSF metadata standard. The documents below include both our final standard but also the resource and analysis we conducted. We also included our project charter for reference.

In addition to the resources below, you can read more about our process and thinking at our two blog posts:


Final Metadata Standard

Final Metadata Standard Our metadata standard (documentation requirements) for data on DataSF.


Metadata Analysis and Inventories of Standards

Inventory comparing fields from various metadata standards at the local, state and federal level. Used to inform our standard.


Metadata Existing Practices and Survey

Research by our intern on best practices in metadata standards and recommendations for DataSF.


Metadata Project Document and Major Steps

Project charter for creating the City’s metadata standard.