Resource Collection

Data Inventory Guidance

The resources here provide a mix of guidance, templates and examples to help data coordinators. You can read more about the process in the blog post, 5 Ways to Scale the Mountain of Data in Your Organization.

The dataset inventory provides a list of data maintained by departments that are candidates for open data publishing or have already been published and is collected in accordance with Chapter 22D of the Administrative Code. Data Coordinators, appointed by their departments, were responsible for collating and collecting the initial inventory and are responsible for ongoing maintenance of the inventory.


Data Coordinator Guidebook

Guidebook for City and County of San Francisco data coordinators.


Data Coordinator Detailed Inventory Guide: Steps 2 and 3

Provides data coordinators with detailed guidance on steps 2 and 3 of the data inventory.

One Pager

One Page Summary of DataSF Program

1 page flyer describing the Open Data Program. Use it to explain DataSF to your City colleagues.

One Pager

One Page Summary of Data Inventory Process

1 page flyer explaining the 3 step data inventory process.


Data Coordinator Inventory Tools Webinar

This webinar covers the tools available for San Francisco Data Coordinators to complete the dataset inventory.


Data Inventory Template

Excel template for completing the dataset inventory. Note: You must enable macros for the template to work.


Data Inventory Example

Example of a completed dataset inventory from the Airport.