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Join Us! Seeking service-oriented technologist to scale open data

Do you have your heart in San Francisco? We're looking for someone who can bring a lot of heart to a big job.
Do you have your heart in San Francisco? We're looking for someone who can bring a lot of heart to a big job.
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What does open data look like at scale? Would you like to find out? Or rather, would you like to be a key person in helping the City and County of San Francisco continuously improve the way we deliver open data services? We have a job for you.

The Open Data Services Engineer is a new role at the City that will deliver service-oriented open data automation across a diverse range of departments. This role will also help roll out a strategy around geographic data services.

Do the hard work to make things simple

Publishing open data and access to data is an ongoing challenge in the City. We need someone to help design and implement a scalable framework for accessing and publishing data across the City. Help us unlock the potential of data in San Francisco.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for someone who can learn the contours of a complex and large organization and likes hard, meaty challenges. We are not looking for superhero lone wolfs, but thoughtful, empathetic individuals with a set of broad tools. We are a user-oriented team and we apply that in all of our work. Our users are diverse and varied and come from inside and outside the organization; willingness to take time to learn their needs and perspective is a needed trait.

Folks who can gracefully translate business worries into technical needs and frameworks will thrive in this role.

Skills we need

We are looking for people with:

  • Experience in GIS and mapping concepts and tools or equivalent
  • Familiarity with enterprise GIS, including common commercial platforms as well as open source platforms
  • Experience translating business needs into technical implementations, including mapping out business processes and data models
  • Comfort with front end development and web standards
  • Willingness and ability to learn new tools as needed, including programming languages
  • Familiar with the concepts of open data
  • Comfort creating, following, standardizing, and automating business processes to support program management
  • 3+ years experience in related work
  • BS/BA in GIS, computer science, engineering, user-centered design or related field

Skills we prefer

We would love applicants who also meet the following:

  • Passionate about improving government through open data
  • Enthusiastic about empowering use of data, with a focus on mapping, within and without the City
  • Advanced experience with front end development
  • Experience with back end development and database management
  • Experience training non-technical users to use technology to support their work
  • Experience with Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) from SAFE or similar ETL toolkits or frameworks
  • Self motivated and willing to learn / self teach

You can read a longer description of the job on Google Docs or as a PDF

How to apply

The job blog-post is now live so you can:

  1. Go here for the official blog-post and complete your application. Don’t forget to include a cover letter and a resume with your application.

Equal Employment Opportunity

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