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Analyze Your City as DataSF's Data Scientist!

DataSF seeks data scientist
DataSF seeks data scientist
Source: "1600 pandas" by DocChewbacca is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Want to transform City services through the use of analytics? Then join the DataSF team to empower and expand use of data in government!

Your mission

The City has a bunch of data - your mission will be to put that data to work. We are a small, fast paced team that works with departments across the City. This allows us to work on a range of issues and policy areas and a range of datasets. You will join our team as our analytics guru. You will help identify opportunities for data analysis and visualization, conduct and communicate the analysis and help deploy the insights into products and operations.

If you are an entrepreneurial and passionate data enthusiast, join our team to improve government through good use of data!

Your responsibilities

You will:

  1. Solicit, define and refine analytics projects based on a set of criteria
  2. Manage a portfolio of analytics projects from conception to implementation
  3. Conduct a range of analyses or experiments using whatever statistical methods and tools are most appropriate
  4. Develop data visualizations and tools to support the analysis
  5. Conduct research and policy analysis as needed to inform the data analysis
  6. Develop presentations and communicate the results of your work
  7. Help implement products, services, tools, or business process changes resulting from the analysis
  8. Provide technical assistance and guidance to department partners implementing their own analytical work

Skills we expect

We are looking for people with:

  • Substantial experience in Python or R and fluency in SQL
  • Experience with and knowledgeable about a range of statistical methods and tools, including descriptive and inferential statistics as well as experimental design
  • Experience with data cleansing, processing, and wrangling using tools such as python or the language of your choice
  • Experience conducting data analysis on a variety of datasets and issue areas and presenting and communicating the results of the analysis to a range of audiences
  • Experience with data visualization tools
  • Familiar with the concepts of information design and presentation, including principles of visual encoding and communication
  • Experience translating statistical insights into practical tools, recommendations or changes for the client
  • Familiarity implementing dashboards and related tools
  • Track record of willingness and ability to learn new tools and languages as needed
  • 3+ years experience in related work
  • BS/BA in GIS, computer science, statistics, mathematics, economics, engineering, policy analysis or related field

Skills we want

We would love applicants who also have the following:

  • Passionate about improving government through data
  • Enthusiastic about empowering use of data across the City
  • Experience planning and managing multiple analytical projects independently, including working with clients
  • Experience with operations management and analysis
  • Experience with modern data visualization tools including D3, AJAX, or jQuery
  • Experience conducting geospatial analysis
  • Experience working with unstructured data
  • Familiarity or experience with advanced methods such as geo analysis, simulation, and machine learning, including a strong understanding of machine learning techniques and their mathematical underpinning, such as classification, recommendation systems, outlier detection, etc.
  • Experience tailoring machine learning solutions to solve problems and/or generate new insights

How to apply

Submit your application at the City’s Jobs Portal. Include a cover letter and a resume with your application. And the City’s application is a little clunky - so don’t leave it to the last minute ;-) Or you can send the cover letter to datasf at sfgov dot org.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The City and County of San Francisco is committed to equal employment opportunity. Read more about our equal employment opportunity policy.