Data Academy Course

Probability and Problem Solving

About This Course

This introductory course covers probability and common errors to avoid when problem solving using quantitative methods. It is intended for analysts and managers responsible for delivering public services and who are interested in the following subjects: data analytics, management, lean process improvement, quality management, and continuous learning.

After this course, participants will have an understanding of basic terminology, how to calculate the probability of events, and methods to avoid biases.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Probability
    • Terminology
    • Properties of Outcomes
    • Compound Events
    • Complements
    • Law of Large Numbers
    • Conditional Events
    • Independence vs. Dependence
  • Heuristics
    • Two Systems
    • Coherent Stories
    • Confirmation Bias
    • Availability Bias
    • Conjunction Fallacy
    • Overlooking Statistics
    • Ignoring Algorithms
    • The Planning Fallacy
    • Sunk Cost

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