Data Academy Course

Lean Leaders – Learn to lead your own process improvement project

About this course

Lean Leaders equips City employees to be change agents in their departments through hands-on observation, making rapid, creative innovations, and coaching other staff through change. The Lean Leaders training is a 3-day intensive course designed to train City employees to lead their own process improvement projects in their departments. Over 3 days, participants will learn the fundamentals of Lean process improvement, change management, and analyzing their process using Lean tools. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to practice their newly-learned skills by observing another city department process in real time, analyzing the process, and presenting their findings to the process expert in that department with a project team composed of other trainees.

Trainees will leave this training equipped to lead their own process improvement projects in their departments right away. Previous Lean Leaders trainees have successfully applied this training to their work by employing the Lean methodology to reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct contract solicitations and scoring by 31 days, halving the time it takes an HR division to prepare for employment exams, and reducing construction errors by developing a new standard process for reviewing construction blueprints.

This course is offered approximately once a year or by special arrangement with a department, and Lean 101 is not prerequisite for this class. This training is appropriate for front line staff, managers, and executives

What you’ll learn in this course

  • Practice getting insight into your work through observation and measurement
  • How to analyze performance
  • Tools to identify obstacles in your work, including process mapping, five whys, fishbone diagrams, spaghetti diagrams, and the impact/effort matrix
  • Tools to eliminate obstacles, including standard work, visual management, error-proofing, and 5S
  • How to translate your analysis into concrete ideas for improvement
  • How to communicate improvement plans to stakeholders and supervisors
  • How to create a plan, execute it and track progress
  • How to manage changes resulting from process improvement