Data Academy Course

Health Impact Assessment as a Strategy for Incorporating Health and Equity into Decision-Making

About This Course

Because much of what influences health happens outside of the doctor’s office, local health departments analyze a multitude of decisions that have the greatest potential to improve or harm health.  The San Francisco Department of Public Health plays a central role in factoring health into many local policies, plans, and programs, such as our transportation network, economic development projects, labor standards and climate change initiatives. This activity-based training will discuss different types of strategies and evidence-based tools used by health impact assessments that all analysts and managers can use to conduct a data analysis project from start to finish and determine whether a policy or plan will promote, enhance, or discourage health and equity.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

  • Examine the connection between health, equity, place, and policy
  • Explore the key elements of health impact assessment and how they can be applied to your data analysis projects:
    • Strategies for determining the need and the value of an equity and health based assessment
    • Frameworks for engaging stakeholders.
    • Methods for scoping your analysis: Determining the research questions, what data is needed, and what analysis methods to use.
    • Best practices for ensuring health and equity remains the focus of your analysis.
    • Strategies for developing and communicating recommendations
    • Public Health as a strategic partner