Office Hours

Are you having a specific problem in Excel, don't understand a formula in one of your worksheets, or think Excel could help you in your work but aren't quite sure how? Sign up for a 1-hour Excel Office Hours session with Data Academy!

Rather than the skills-based learning offered through our Excel courses, Office Hours are meant to resolve very specific challenges to streamline your day-to-day work. Examples of when Office Hours might help include:

  • Creating or understanding specific formulas
  • Creating dashboards to summarize and report on data
  • Organizing data to improve workflows
  • Cleaning and improving readability of data

If you are unsure whether your issue can be addressed in Office Hours, email [email protected] with your question.

You should have at least a basic understand of Excel, so that you can understand and explain to others the solution we come up with.



  1. At the time of booking, please email [email protected] and include:
    1. Brief explanation of the problem you are having
    2. The Excel workbook(s) you want to look at
  2. You can sign up for Office Hours at the following link:
  3. Location will be coordinated after booking