Office Hours

If you have a specific question about a program you're using, or need guidance about how to solve a particular challenge you've run into, Data Academy Office Hours is the place for you! 

We are currently offering Office Hours in Excel, so read below to determine if your Excel issue could be solved during an Office Hours session. Just follow the instructions to sign up for a time slot, then sit down for a 1-on-1 session to work through the roadblock you're having trouble with. See you soon at office hours!


Are you having a specific problem in Excel, don't understand a formula in one of your worksheets, or think Excel could help you in your work but aren't quite sure how? Sign up for a 1-hour Excel Office Hours session with Data Academy!

Excel Office Hours can help with:

  • Creating or understanding specific formulas
  • Creating dashboards to summarize and report on data
  • Organizing data to improve workflows
  • Cleaning and improving readability of data
  • Learning about a specific Excel functionality you've heard about
  • Discussing whether Excel is the right tool for what you are trying to do

If you are unsure whether your issue can be addressed in Office Hours, email [email protected] with your question.

You should have at least a basic understand of Excel, so that you can understand and explain to others the solution we come up with.


  1. You can sign up for Office Hours at the following link:
  2. At the time of booking, please email [email protected] and include:
    1. Brief explanation of the problem you are having
    2. The Excel workbook(s) you want to look at
  3. Location will be coordinated after booking