Data Academy Course

Business Process Mapping and Analysis

About this course

This is under development and will be available soon!

In this classroom based workshop, you will learn the basics of undertaking a Business Process Improvement (BPI) project. The focus will be on the basics of developing a high-level process map in PowerPoint and conducting process analysis.

This training is recommended for anyone who is new to process mapping and analysis, and is especially recommended for people who have a BPI project in mind or are just getting started. The training will include some time to allow participants to work on their own BPI project. If you donít have a project, donít worry! We will bring a few examples of processes that you can practice mapping in PowerPoint.

What you’ll learn

  • How to start a Business Process Improvement project
    • Buisness Process Improvement methods
    • How to select a business process to improve
  • How to create a high-level process map
    • How to map your as-is process
    • Flowchart diagramming (in both PowerPoint and Visio)
  • Teaser for swimlane mapping and process analysis
    • Root cause analysis (Five Whys)
    • Fishbone/root cause diagramming