Data Academy Course

ArcGIS Pro Quickstart

About This Course

In partnership with SFGIS, this course consists of five 3-hour sessions. Course content moves quickly through the basics of ArcGIS Pro before diving into more advanced topics in later sessions. A prior basic understanding of ArcGIS Pro is helpful due to the fast-paced nature of the class, but is not necessary if you are willing to work hard!

What You’ll Learn In This Course

Week 1: 
•    What is GIS? 
•    Spatial Data Formats
•    Projections and Coordinate Systems
•    The ArcPro User Interface 
•    Table Join
•    Attribute Query
•    Visualization.

Week 2:
•    Data Management 
•    Geoprocessing
•    Geocoding
•    Overlay Analysis
•    Relates

Week 3:
•    Data Creation 
•    File Geodatabases
•    Georeferencing
•    Model Builder
•    Domains
•    ArcGIS Online, (if possible) 

Week 4: 
•    Raster Data
•    Displaying Raster Data
•    Imagery Analysis
•    Map Algebra
•    Extracting data form rasters
•    Image classification 

Week 5: 
•    Working with your own data
•    Wrap-Up


Some familiarity with ArcGIS Pro is recommended, but not required, for this course.

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