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Street Tree List

Categorized under Public Works Views: 18680 (
Description: List of dpw maintained street trees including: Planting date, species, and location

Agency Name: Department of Public Works
Frequency: Daily
Location of dataset:
Format: CSV
Location of Data Dictionary: N/A


Written by mranney
The above link doesn't work for me. I think it should be:

Written by jlpoole
Yes, the link above results in the error message:

550 /SFStreetTreeList.xls: The system cannot find the file specified.

Mranney's link above takes you to the desired file.

Written by nurblieh
What format are these coordinates in? They don't appear to be longitude / latitude.

Written by jay
SF uses State Plane, NAD 83, Zone 3, US Survey Feet. This coordinate system is used vs lat/longs as they have greater accuracy for smaller areas. We are looking at ways to convert this to lat/long to make it easier for consumers to use.

Written by OrganicByte
The X/Y coordinates do not seem to be valid NAD83 numbers for the SF area. I'm not an expert on this type of data, but it does not seem to map correctly when converted.

As an example, for the 300 block of Van Ness you have X=6006874.54 Y=2111536.59. The NAD83 coordinates for the area should be something like Y=643697.392 X=1830876.724.

Can anyone verify if the coordinates are correct?

Written by jay
We'll verify with the data owners (DPW) and let you know through the comments here

Written by jay
The 300 Block of Van Ness coordinates, X=6006874.54 Y=2111536.59, are correct for California State Plane Zone III NAD83 units feet, not Y=643697.392 X=1830876.724. Let me know if you still have questions.

Written by benchun
It's a shame, considering that this a CSV file, to find values in the "qSpecies" field that contain commas but aren't enclosed by quotes.

Written by jnath
Benchun, looking into this. Will give you an update shortly.

-DataSF Admin

Written by elbatrop
CSV file is unusable at present due to the use of commas in addresses etc. If each block of data were to be enclosed in quotes then the extra commas would be fine, however at present it's impossible to parse this file.

Written by myHortus
Is there a correct link to this dataset? Neither of the two links mentioned above appears to be correct.

Written by jimcraner
Jnath, can you find out the EPSG of that projection? The library I'm using has a few different options for California NAD83 III. Some possibilities I see are EPSG:2227, EPSG:2872, EPSG:3494. Thanks!

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