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SFpark real-time parking availability and pricing API

Categorized under Transportation Views: 113043 (Editorial)
Description: SFpark works by collecting and distributing real-time information about where parking is available and how much it costs in eight pilot areas across San Francisco. Applications using this information will help drivers make smarter decisions on where and when to drive. Developers can access a real-time data feed provided as a REST service with data returned in XML or JSON format. The Service API Reference document linked here provides full details for accessing the SFpark data warehouse.
Agency Name: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Date Released: April 21, 2011
Time Period: Current time
Frequency: Real-time
Location of dataset: SFpark API specifications
Format: XML and JSON
Location of Data Dictionary: SFpark API specifications


Written by marcmeyer
I'd like to see a dataset of historical information for this. I'd like to use a machine learning algorithm to be able to predict usage (and price?) in the future. Perhaps this could influence selection of price points ahead of time as well.


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