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Description: The Controller's Office manages the Citywide Performance Measurement Program and it collects and reports performance data from 50 City departments. The database contains over 1,100 performance measures, which are collected semi-annually.

Please see the accompanying data dictionary for more information. Our website at provides additional details and contacts.

Agency Name: Controller's Office, City Services Auditor, Citywide Performance Measurement Program
Date Released: Annually, around October each year
Time Period: Year end, FY07-09 & FY08-10
Frequency: Annual
Location of dataset: City Performance Measures Data
Format: Text (Tab delimited)
Additional Details: Contact us through email :


Dear citizens,

We hope you find the v1.0 of the Citywide Performance Measures Dataset useful. Please let us know what additional data would be more useful to you.

Thank you.

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