The City and County of San Francisco has a new open data site:
Please follow the link to the site to search, browse and view San Francisco data.

Agency Scorecard

We would like to recognize the agencies below who have contributed data to the public and in doing so improved city transparency.

Agency Datasets Published Feedback via 311
Department of Public Works 45 Contact the Department of Public Works
Department of Technology 29 Contact the Department of Technology
Planning Department 18 Contact the Planning Department
Controller's Office 12 Contact the City Controller
San Francisco International Airport 10 Contact the San Francisco International Airport
Department of Elections 9 Contact the Department of Elections
Municipal Transportation Agency 9 Contact the Municipal Transportation Agency
City Administrator's Office & General Services Agency 7 Contact the City Administrator's Office & General Services Agency
Public Utilities Commission 7 Contact the Public Utilities Commission
Department of Human Resources 6 Contact the Department of Human Resources
Police Department 6 Contact the Police Department
Fire Department 5 Contact the Fire Department
Rent Board 4 Contact the Rent Board
Human Rights Commission 3 Contact the Human Rights Commission
Department of Building Inspections 3 Contact the Department of Building Inspection
Recreation and Park Department 3 Contact the Recreation and Park Department
Human Services Agency 3 Contact the Human Services Agency
Office of Citizen Complaints 3 Contact the Office of Citizen Complaints
Department of Environment 2 Contact the Department of Environment
Ethics Commission 2 Contact the Ethics Commission
Port of San Francisco 2 Contact the Port of San Francisco
Public Library 2 Contact the Public Library
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency 2 Contact the SF Redevelopment Agency
San Francisco Unified School District 2 Contact the SF Unified School District
City College of San Francisco 1 Contact the City College of San Francisco
Department of Children, Youth & Their Families 1 Contact the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families
Department of Public Health 1 Contact the Department of Public Health
Health Service System 1 Contact the Health Service System
Film Commission 1 Contact the Film Commission
Arts Commission 1 Contact the Arts Commission
Treasurer and Tax Collector 2 Contact the Treasurer and Tax Collector
DataSF is a clearinghouse of datasets available from the City & County of San Francisco. Our goal in releasing this site is:
(1) improve access to data
(2) help our community create innovative apps
(3) understand what datasets you'd like to see
(4) get feedback on the quality of our datasets.