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Business Registrations

Posted by shmooth  | Categorized under Dataset
Provide a list of all existing business registrations and applications for business registrations. Provide all pertinent info - name, location, application date, class, etc.


Written by ramayor1
1315 days ago
this would be a great place to list ALL of the taxes and licenses that a new business would need to get started and to would allow a business to budget for the taxes. The info. could list when such taxes are due and provide a link to the actual forms that must be submitted. If the forms could be fillable pdfs, that would be great. Also, this would be a good place to keep the tax rates, etc. current so that a current business could always check to make sure they were paying the current tax rate. Eventually, if you could fill out and pay your taxes online, it would help everyone, including the City because of the increased speed of payment.

Written by liz
1315 days ago
The Office of Small Business is the City's resource for new businesses. Here is a link to their site:

--DataSF Admin

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