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Building Footprints

Posted by radvani  | Categorized under Dataset
A city-wide set of building footprints, with building heights if available.


Written by FanGov2
1420 days ago
I just submitted a request for building outlines, a way to reinforce that your idea is good. Have you seen the laser photography being done to help cities understand their capacity for solar?

Written by enf
1329 days ago
If you can reverse-engineer it from a PDF, the Planning Department has the building footprint map at

Written by SFPlanningMWynne
1301 days ago
The Planning Department does have building footprint data but we were given this data with the understanding that it was for internal use only. So, we can't publish the raw data unfortunately.

Written by barryhooper
1272 days ago
For a rough estimate of solar potential for every building in San Francisco, see: The SF Solarmap has been online since 2006 or 2007. There are also a number of private firms that offer similar analysis at national or regional scale, typically associated with solar integrators or resellers.

At least four organizations have developed 3D models of the built environment in San Francisco, and 3D models of all buildings in San Francisco are available in Google Earth:

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