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Welcome to DataSF's new home

We are excited to launch our new website! Going forward DataSF.org will be the home of our official website, while we have re-branded the open data portal as SF Open Data at data.sfgov.org. From day one, we needed a website, not just an open data portal.

DataSF’s corner of the web: building lighter and faster

When Joy first started as Chief Data Officer, DataSF, the program, was represented only by the open data portal, the product. Early on, she recognized that part of maturing the open data program meant giving DataSF a true home on the web.

Announcing our Graduate Student Summer Internship Opportunity

We are happy to announce that we are looking for a great intern to help us with the open data program!

Latest resources

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Data Coordinator Inventory Tools Webinar

This webinar covers the tools available for San Francisco Data Coordinators to complete the dataset inventory.

Licensing Open Data: Resources and Practices

Research and recommendations by our intern on data licensing for DataSF.

Licenses Inventory

Inventory of available licenses we reviewed and licensing policies across cities and states.