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5 Ways to Scale the Mountain of Data in Your Organization

Creating a data inventory for an entire City feels a lot like climbing a mountain. Read how we scaled this mountain and what we've learned along the way.

Raising the digital barn, or how we're building the Housing Data Hub

The Housing Data Hub was born out of the notion that in order to mature our open data practice at the City, we needed to diversify our approach to publishing data. In the City’s open data strategy, a quick look at datasets over time reveals a publishing stagnation.

Housing Data Hub - from Open Data to Information

Today we launched the Housing Data Hub - your go to resource to learn about housing programs in San Francisco and the data behind them. This is also the first of what we hope to be a series of strategic open data releases over time.

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Data Coordinator Inventory Tools Webinar

This webinar covers the tools available for San Francisco Data Coordinators to complete the dataset inventory.

Licensing Open Data: Resources and Practices

Research and recommendations by our intern on data licensing for DataSF.

Licenses Inventory

Inventory of available licenses we reviewed and licensing policies across cities and states.